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Bread tells us a lot about ourselves. Crisp or chewy, grainy or dense, flat or fluffy, the elements of a "perfect loaf" inevitably reveal what's important about its culture. 


I create interpretations of the time-honored breads of my own diverse heritage in my New Hampshire home bakery. Made with organic and locally-sourced grains and ingredients, each loaf is individually handcrafted and given the time and care required to reach its full potential.


Selections are available in nearby stores and farmers' markets, as well as by special order. I also offer artisan classes in my home bakery kitchen and wood fired workshops, where you can craft your own bread to bring home.


                                                         All My Best Baking,




Nomad Bakery, Derry, New Hampshire, NH, bread, home bakery, local
Photo by Scott Sandler
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